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Install Process of markup-based (coded) layout design on BongaCams platform.

The install process is pretty straightforward.

Classic mode. After you’re project is saved, copy the generated markup needed for your profile on BongaCams.

  1. After you're done with editing process, copy the markup code
  2. Go to your BongaCams profile, select classic mode option
  3. Click the Add Block button, select the Code view icon </> in Content box
  4. Paste your edited markup in the Content box
  5. Important! Below content box there are some options, select the Center column
  6. Click Updated Information button to apply changes

Custom profile mode. Yes our designs are compatible with both versions of the profile mode, options provided by BongaCams platform.

  1. You can follow the same step mentioned above regarding the copy of generated markup
  2. Go to BongaCams profile but instead of selecting the classic mode, choose the custom one
  3. Paste the markup code inside the HTML box available
  4. Save and Preview
Topic starter Posted : 21/08/2021 1:13 pm