Landing Page Template 1


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Custom landing page with social icons, top navigation and additional content

  • one single image
  • in page css (no external stylesheet)
  • SVG icons for social bar
  • flexible, fluid, fast rendering
  • no programming language (no js, no php)

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Landing Page Template – LPT1

One page design with horizontal navigation, main content section, call to action button, social bar and footer.

Horizontal top navigation bar

  • site name (image logo supported) in left side
  • generic links in right side
  • structure on smaller screens – branding followed by links

Main content

  • custom image in left side
  • editable text box in right side followed by call to action button

Social bar

  • SVG icons (markup SVG) – all optional
  • Amazon, Bitcoin, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Onlyfans

Footer section

  • www. your-website. com in left side
  • Your Website (Branding) in right side
  • to top SVG icon in center of footer section

On page CSS.

Customization and editing is made via source markup.

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