FX Overlay Frame Phoenix


Browser Source Overlay FX – Phoenix

Custom browser based overlay

  • Browser based overlay
  • Editable texts
  • Video Capture Device frame
  • Resizable and Draggable elements
  • Compatible with OBS and SplitCam Software
  • 1 frame
  • lower third bar
  • Toggle full background on/off
  • Use of Interact features
  • SVG graphics
  • Browser source local file
  • No video files
  • No save session

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About DFX Overlay

Full screen overlay with editable capabilities, compatible with OBS and SplitCam Software

  • webcam stream frame overlay
  • bottom lower thirds social slots
  • side editable text box

Because it is a browser source overlay, editing capabilities are available but not saved.

Using Interact (OBS or SplitCam build-in features), the overlay can support live interact functionality from broadcaster’s session

Move capabilities.
– Webcam frame can be moved across the screen by dragging the frame from top section.
– Text box can be move too, when cursor (mouse pointer is on top of the text box) an orange button shows up, click and drag to move the text box

Resize capabilities.
– webcam frame can be resized by dragging the lower-right corner.

Text editing capabilities.
– all existing text based content can be edited. Simply click and change it with your own content.

Background option
– webcam frame has buttons to trigger/toggle options. In the top-left section, an orange triangle, upon click, full page background image will be removed.
We recommend this step if you want to add the overlay on top of your live stream source, otherwise, webcam live stream can be placed on top of this overlay matching as accurate as possible all margins of the webcam frame.

Other options and buttons to toggle background for inner frame, change full screen background images, toggle text box ON/OFF, toggle box shadow

Additional information

File type



OBS, SplitCam Software

Editing and Install available with downloaded file.

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For customization, editing assistance additional fees apply.

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