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Social Panel generator - Orange 2
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Social Panel generator - Orange 1
4 months ago 2 Comments
Tip Menu code snippet for Chaturbate
5 months ago no Comment

Code snippet #5 is here. Let’s code a Tip Menu section for our Chaturbate profile page. If you already followed our Code Snippets series, at the end of this articles you’ll end up with a nice custom fully editable Chaturbate design made by you. Tip Menu is a way for webcam performer to showcase their…

5 months ago 3 Comments

Here we go with code snippet #4 in which we’ll have a fixed background image set up for main custom layout. Inside of main parent will place a few blocks to hold our content. The visual effect is nice and deserves our attention so, hands on and let’s code this thing. We’ll be designing this…

5 months ago 3 Comments

Welcome to code snippet #3 — This markup code will show you how to create an About Me custom section for your Chaturbate page . Markup codes can be difficult to understand and use if there’s no experience in code editing to back you up. But it is not rocket science so don’t be afraid…

Social bar for Chaturbate
6 months ago 6 Comments

Let’s do the Code Snippet #2 for today. This is a full-width horizontal social bar compatible with Chaturbate platform. First of all, for those who don’t know, a code snippet is a piece of code from a larger source code. I am adding snippets (pieces of codes) hopefully some day a smart mind like yourself…

Add floating bottom bar to Chaturbate
6 months ago no Comment

Today’s code snippet is bottom floating bar for Chaturbate platform. I know, I know it’s already a trend to do a lot of tweaking on Chaturbate profile page , “trinkets, bells and whistles” and that’s the beauty of it, you can. When done the right way, can be helpful and visually appealing. So, floating bottom…

Change Chaturbate header color
6 months ago 2 Comments

Update: Chaturbate platform no longer supports “above Bio” markup positioning so, Floating Icons, Bottom bar, Header color and full page background are to be disregarded. How to do it? Well, the “trendy-pink” on Chaturbate header section is not so difficult to achieve. Its a piece of HTML markup with inline-css. The markup adds a “block”…

Add full background image to Chaturbate page
6 months ago 2 Comments

Add Full Page Background Obviously we can use background image or background color, the editing process and use of the markup code is very similar Check out the best method of adding this markup code to visually enhance your Chaturbate bio page Things to know: If image is used, must be uploaded / hosted online….

6 months ago 7 Comments

If you’re not familiar with Dexter’s sister Dee Dee (cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory) than the headline has no meaning to you. Set of Floating icons for Chaturbate Learn how to add custom floating icons to your Chaturbate profile page See the markup, how it works, how can you add it and how to change it to…

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