Social Panel DXFX - Orange v1

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Preview - Render Image :


This is an image based overlay generator.

Can be used with OBS Studio or SplitCam Software as image source overlay

How to..

1. Type your user names in text boxes and click Change Text button

2. From drop-down choose o change the icons

3. Click Preview button to generate PNG image and right-click Save As... image in your PC/laptop

Options and Buttons

Change Text - after typing usernames in boxes, click this button to apply changes

below Change Text button there are 2 options of color text, make font bold or italic

Preview - button to generate and convert HTML to PNG ready for download

x Hide - button to toggle slots visibility on/off for each social panel

Choose Icon drop-down select option - select to change icon for each of the social panels

Change - button to toggle between 2 background images

Refresh - button to revert back to default

Icons - button to toggle visibility of all icons on/off

Other cool stuff :

Overlay Generator
Overlay Generator
Overlay Generator

If you have questions, suggestions or feedback, feel free to get in touch with us via website's contact form or post on support forum.

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  1. @Миша / Misha tweeted this page and I had to take a look and see it. A nice one. More content would do much better, landed on overlays generator page and I see work in progress . Keep it up.