Tip Menu code snippet for Chaturbate
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Code Snippet #5 – Custom section Tip Menu

Code snippet #5 is here. Let’s code a Tip Menu section for our Chaturbate profile page.

If you already followed our Code Snippets series, at the end of this articles you’ll end up with a nice custom fully editable Chaturbate design made by you.

Tip Menu code snippet for Chaturbate
Tip Menu code snippet for Chaturbate

Tip Menu is a way for webcam performer to showcase their online activity and put a price on it. Simple right?! Well… not all bees make honey because a Tip Menu can inform visitors about performer’s rates but in the same context can limit those rates. What if a premium is willing to tip more than expressed amount displayed by performer? (in an utopic world, that can happen, right?!)

Ok, let’s stick to task in hand.

Following the same concept used by Code Snippet #4 and visual styling from Code Snippet #3 – About Me section I’ll design a custom (generic) Tip Menu section.

Will have a section’s title, tip requests and token amount.

Inline css will be used so keep an eye on all HTML markup tags and don’t forget to close some of them. After I’ve reviewed the markup code before adding it to demos page the last li tag had been closed twice even if the container is using only one list tag.

Anyway, click the button below to see the online demo, markup code and few info lines.

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