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Code Snippet #3 – About Me custom section

Welcome to code snippet #3 — This markup code will show you how to create an About Me custom section for your Chaturbate page .

Markup codes can be difficult to understand and use if there’s no experience in code editing to back you up.

But it is not rocket science so don’t be afraid to test, develop, comeup with new stuff. See what is working for you, what looks good, what doesn’t… all these are part of development process and spotted mistakes are just opportunities for improvement.

As I’ve mentioned above, this particular code snippet shows how to create a full custom section with side image and text box.

We want to achieve this as fast as possible and (politically correct… just kidding) as clean as possible.

Custom About Me section – for Chaturbate page

The post will not have much coding to inspect and look at but check out the demo for full markup (button at the lower section of this post) and how the code looks like in browser (rendered markup)

If you’re up to the task, or simply want to test your coding skills you should know that Chaturbate has some restrictions when it comes to HTML tags so click here to see what HTML tags are allowed by Chaturbate platform and how to use them

Ok, I am using Notepad++ to write markup language because I can do that in my Windows OS but if you have other software/programs or whatever WYSIWYG to help you with markup coding on different OS (operating system, like MAC OS for example) its totally fine.

The structure, base code of this code snippet is like this (don’t copy/use that yet)

<li style="display:block;">
    <ul style="display:block;">... more content and markup code ...</ul>

The parent element is <li> , basically will hold the entire section of the About Me.

Somewhere towards the end of the markup code there’s another HTML tag (another <li> block) with opacity:0; and overflow:hidden because this particular element will avoid braking the parent block.

Child elements inside <ul> are using float:left .

Go to code and demos page to see how the markup code looks like (and why) or simply grab the code from the lower section of the page… its up to you 😉

Let me know if all these code snippets makes sense to you or show me what you’ve managed to do with them.

My suggestion would be to keep an eye on this blog because more code snippets are ready to hit the online environment…

(simply putted, I’ll add more of them)

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