Change Chaturbate header color
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How to change Chaturbate header color

How to do it?

Codes/Demo – CB header

Well, the “trendy-pink” on Chaturbate header section is not so difficult to achieve. Its a piece of HTML markup with inline-css.

The markup adds a “block” element on top of the header section and mix-blend-mode changes the pink mat color into a pink-ish translucid one, allowing default header content to change its color.

That’s it. Simply copy the markup code and paste it on your About box

Because CSS is flexible, other mix blends can be added to change the overall look of header section along with other CSS

This tutorial will show you how to use inline-css to change the Chaturbate’s header overall look
Simple markup code and doesn’t require extensive CSS/HTML skills

Install & Use

Simply grab (copy) the markup code and paste it on your About box (on Chaturbate)

Remember, different background color (images can be used as background too) in combination with mix-blend-mode and filter will render different results

Compatibility: Known issues with Edge and Internet Explorer browsers.


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  1. Just used your code on my chaturbate .thank you Dan
    Do you have a code for tabs? I’ve seen a lot of camgirls editing the tab button above the video player. Send me a link if you have a tutorial or code for that. ❤❤

  2. Hi melly_furtelly, right now I don’t have the tutorial ready but I’ve already wrote about (sample markup code included) on Camgirl.Cloud website.
    I will make time and post a short tutorial on too, meanwhile, enjoy the weekend.